Barbara and Frank Leier, former FGBMF Director


The land is flat and awesome. Farm buildings dot the countryside. Miles of gently undulating grain fields surround the Sedley area in south eastern Saskatchewan where Frank was born.


His Mom died when Frank was about two years of age and his Dad remarried. This union brought together three families: her children; his Dad's children and then, another child of the new marriage.


Although he was a prankster with mischievous tendencies, Frank was a favourite child. With his quick wits and coarse humour, life was good. His atheistic abilities developed early and when he smiled, little crinkles would form at the corners his sparkling blue eyes. Later in life, he married Barbara, a brown-eyed, God-fearing girl from Vibank, Saskatchewan and the good life continued. A hard-worker, Frank started in the trucking industry hauling gas, grain and cattle and eventually started his own electrical contracting business which over the years has grown and prospered. After his marriage, his passion for sports blossomed and he curled until all hours; refereed hockey; umpired and played baseball - often at the expense of spending time with his growing family. Frank and Barbara were blessed with six children but Barbara often spent time at home alone.


In 1956, and again two years later, Frank's life was miraculously spared. The first time, when he drove into the back of a tractor at sunset with such an impact that the tractor split in two and the engine of his car ended up on the seat beside him: the second time, when he got caught in an electrical transformer on a steel tower. Frank heard the hum of the electrical energy go through his body before someone pulled the switch and cut the power.


In 1977, a man came to visit at their farm. In the farmyard beside their barn, the man shared with Frank the goodness of what Jesus had done in his life. At that time, Frank really wasn't interested. Yet, Barbara was already searching and had been searching for some time. Barbara had been raised in a praying home. She was a regular and faithful churchgoer. However, through the witness of two local women who acknowledged that they were charismatic, in the fall of 1978, Barbara registered Frank, two of their children and herself at a Charismatic Convention in Saskatoon. As a business trip coincided with the convention in Saskatoon, Frank agreed to go.


The Convention was full of praise and worship and after he arrived, Frank really wondered why he was there. However, because of his curiosity, he stuck it out. After a late supper the second evening, he and Barbara attended a prayer meeting in a private room of the hotel. Room 603, October 15, 1976 2:15 AM, Holiday Inn, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - a room, time and place Frank will always remember.


In the room, they witnessed Jesus heal a lady's nervous condition and then, lengthen a man's leg by about one-half an inch. Frank began to question, "Lord, Lord, where did the meat, the bone and the skin come from?"


"Lord, Lord, where did the meat,

the bone and the skin come from?"


While he was still meditating on what had happened, the woman who had been set free from the nervous condition asked for prayer for one leg which was shorter than the other. It had been that way since birth. When Frank witnessed this healing, it was almost too much. Then Barbara stepped forward for prayer for degenerative discs in her neck and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. (A year later it was medically confirmed that her neck was totally healed). Then they asked Frank and Barbara, "Would you like to make Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life?" Frank was quick to reply, "Certainly!" They repeated a prayer to ask Jesus to come into their hearts as Lord and Saviour and in accordance with the Gospel of John Chapter 3, Verse 3, were born again. Then, they were asked if they would like to be baptized in the Holy Ghost according to the Book of Acts, Chapter 2. Frank responded, "If it's of God, we want it." Barbara was baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues immediately. Frank tarried.


The next day, the Leiers, as a family, received prayer. As he went to thank the man who was leading the worship, Frank found himself on his back - laid out flat. Frank could move his hands and his feet but could not move the rest of his body. He struggled with it until he heard a voice say, "Rest in the Holy Spirit". So, Frank relaxed. It was as peaceful and as beautiful as you would ever want.


Things then started to happen quickly in their lives. They became hungry for the Word of God and began to attend a multitude of Christian gatherings.


God began cleaning up Frank's life and he started operating in the supernatural gifts of God as described in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12. After seeking water baptism by full immersion, Frank was healed of a growth on his big toe the size of a small pigeon egg. Following his immersion in water, Frank was "slain in the Spirit" and saw a vision of angels side-by-side with wings spread, praising the Lord Jesus Christ!!!


Frank and Barbara Leier have both been blessed as they have been obedient to God's command for us to forgive others, as we have been forgiven by Him through Christ Jesus, our Lord. God has spoken to them, in dreams, visions, by His still, small voice and audibly. The Leiers are often used of God as His instruments to bring healing to others. Praise His holy name!!!






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