Bob is a former R.C.M.P. officer of 15 yrs. Postings were in Vernon, Kamloops City, Kamloops Rural, Kamloops Sub/Div. Police Service Dog Section, Depot Div. Firearms Section and Program Development. Bob pitched in the semi pro baseball league for Vernon & then Kamloops after his transfer.


After his years in the Mounties, Bob and his wife, Linda, were the owner/operators of the McDonald’s Restaurant in Swift Current for 18 yrs.


Bob has had the privilege to represent Canada in three different world championships. He pitched for Canada in the Junior World Baseball Championships in Cuba, Shot at the Police Combat Championships in Jackson, Mississippi, and Olympic discipline pistol in Free pistol and air pistol in Caracas Venezuela.


After many years with lung problems Bob was diagnosed with a lung tumor in the spring of 1984. For Bob this was a death sentence.


His desire was to be struck by a train. To give himself a painless and seemingly accidental death. To relieve himself of his tired and diseased body. Bob took Linda to what he thought would be their last date to a Full Gospel Business Men’s banquet. There he was struck but it was with the hand of God. And because of a vision and a healing so extraordinary, so wonderful, he’s now making plans to live forever.


After Bob & Linda retired in 2000 they moved to and now live in Medicine Hat, AB. Bob is founder and president of Glory Bound Ministries. He also recently founded and is President of Lifeline Haiti. He has ministered in over 20 countries around the world. Bob's main mission field is Haiti providing schools, education, food and basic needs for the children of Haiti. At the present time they have 15 schools in 12 locations with over 2700 students.






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